Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Hot Water Wherehouse is at the East end of National Ave, right on the Kinnickinic River. Entrance for Wherehouse is in the back gated area near the water, and the entrance for Hot Water is at the front under the green awning (Business, delivery, and tours).


History of Hot Water, Wherehouse & the location:

Hot Water and Wherehouse are two entertainment facilities housed within a historical cream city brick building located within the warehouse district in the fifth ward. Flanked by a 100 car parking lot overlooking the Kinnickinnic river, the Hot Water/ Wherehouse dance club is quietly tucked away waiting to be discovered by you today.

The dynamic venue, Wherehouse is unique to Milwaukee featuring 5,000 square feet of historic architecture. Upon entering the venue you are greeted by a ceiling 32 foot in height with a 1500sq. ft. teak dance floor below, massive cranes which line the perimeter of the dance floor, gunmetal grey steel beams also line the skeleton of the venue not to mention a grand ceiling fan measuring 16ft in diameter sitting above the dance floor blowing a gentle breeze on the dancer below. With modern lighting and a stainless steel bar the venue has been dubbed by critics as "industrial chic". Guests can also enjoy a stage large enough to accommodate a 12 piece band and a state-of-the-art sound system; Wherehouse hosts live monthly entertainment which range from Latin orchestra’s to big bands reminiscent of the Swing Era.

Guests can also enjoy a private v.i.p seating area located at a height of 15ft overlooking the dance floor available for your next birthday, anniversary, and or reception. With a full service main bar and attractive leather seating this space provides a cozy space to host your next event.

The cozy venue, Hot Water is reminiscent of the speakeasy’s of the twenties; featuring 3,800Sq. Ft. of historic architecture. Upon entering the venue you are welcomed by French doors which open up to a Brazilian cypress dance floor that is flanked by huge wood pillars. Above the bar you will find an authentic tiffany skylight from the Lauramoore mansion in Lake Geneva. Victorian lamps illuminate the dance floor and lead the eyes to the baby grand piano’s sitting in the corner of the space.Moreover, Hot Water and Wherehouse give guests a feeling of a different period of time, a more relaxed care free time to dance and socialize. Come and join us

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